McDonald's Customer Goes on Videotaped Improvised Weapon Rampage

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A McDonald's customer at an as-yet-undetermined restaurant went on a smashing spree with whatever he could find at hand, and it was all caught on film.


The video clearly shows the man using both a wet floor sign and some sort of pole to smash various things along the counter while shouting at one or more of the employees (it's a cell phone video, so we're not exactly talking high def here). It appears to have been taken by a couple of teenagers excited to see it posted on, the source for the video (which, sadly, does not seem to want to cooperate with my efforts to embed it here).

It's unclear what prompted the wet floor sign Road Warrior re-enactment. Inquisitr speculates that it was due to an incorrect order (a logical theory since that's the root of most violent fast food customer stories), but there's no evidence in any direction at this point — it could just as easily have been over a personal conflict with a specific employee. Anyway, I prefer to think he was enraged by the company's decision to forward Happy the Nightmare Box as its mascot.

It goes without saying that this absolutely could be a hoax — there's no actual source on the story other than the video itself, we don't even yet know where it happened, and Inquisitr's own source is The Blaze (excuse me, I need to go bathe my brain in bleach just for saying the name of that site). At the same time, if it's a hoax, it's a pretty elaborate one considering there's a video of the event. It would also hardly be the first recent example of people getting violent at fast food places.* All of those are just examples from this year alone. If it's a hoax, though, I'm sure Antiviral's Hudson Hongo will have it covered.

*Amazingly, only one of those was in Florida! Good job, Florida!

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