There's a new McDonald's commercial (which comes to our attention via a reader tip) called "Intellectuals." It begins with two women "reading" newspapers in an upscale, Starbucksian-establishment. The first woman says, "You know, I heard McDonald's is making lattes now." The other woman says: "McDonald's? Well that's just…it's fantastic!" Woman 1 replies: "Now we don't have to listen to jazz all day long!" Woman 2 concurs: "I can start wearing heels again!" Eventually, one woman admits, "I don't know where Paraguay is!" Get it? They're sick of pretending to be classy, café-loving intellectual ladies. They want to be "regular" American women! In other words, they want to be idiots.The spot was discussed on Marketplace last week. AdWeek's Barbara Lippert says: "It really seems to be in the Sarah Palin moment. Because all that is about anti-intellectualism and shootin' and huntin'… And this is, you know, 'Oh, we really always hated Starbucks, and thank God for McDonald's and a real American option.'" And trend-watcher Faith Popcorn agrees, claiming: "It's adapting kinda the campaign approach." In fact, the commercial seems offensive on many levels. But what do you think? Clip below. Click to view McDonald's Targets Starbucks Attitude [Marketplace]