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McCain's Buddy And Your Condoms

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This is Oklahoma Senator (and gynecologist) Tom Coburn who was elected to represent the kind people of Oklahoma in the U.S. Senate. His interpretation of that responsibility is, apparently, to keep everyone else from fucking. The New York Post reported this morning about a GAO report on the FDA's interpretation of the law on labeling condoms, which some would like to see change to reflect both what condoms effectively prevent when used properly (pregnancy and the transmission of HIV, gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis) and what they less effectively counter (HPV and herpes). What the Post fails to mention is that the report is in response to Senator Coburn, who has had something up his butt about condom labeling since at least 1999. In Coburn's "never fuck unless you're married and want a kid" mentality, putting scare labels on condoms will keep the people of America and the world from having sex because, as the AIDS rate in the world effectively demonstrates, scaring people about disease transmission keeps them from fucking. (In unrelated notes, he also conducts a sex ed lecture for summer interns every year to keep them from fucking and once said that lesbianism is "so rampant in some of the schools in southeast Oklahoma that they'll only let one girl go to the bathroom." Oh, he supports John McCain.) [NY Post, GAO, Guttmacher Institute, The Advocate, Washington Post, Alternet]


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He's a scary dude, but I would totally support condom labels. I was lucky enough to have pretty comprehensive sex ed in my public school, and they drilled into us wear a condom, it will prevent you from catching std's, and never told us that even a fully functional, properly used condom might not protect you from herpes or hpv. In college, when I found this out, I felt totally confused and betrayed and went through a year of hypochondria induced celibacy, before realizing that non fatal diseases that most/much of the adult population has couldn't be all that bad. I had two friends who got herpes through totally protected sex, and were shocked, because they had no idea it was possible. They may or may not have made different decisions about sleeping with the guys they got it from had they known, but at least they should have had the option, and been working with accurate information. Condoms are important, but there's no need to misrepresent what they do and don't do.