The reason a lot of people don't like John McCain is that he's kind of an ass. Remember? He called his wife a cunt? He has a little anger management problem? Well, when the campaign was all sunshine and lollipops (no rainbows for him, thanks), it was easy for him to keep that temper in check but now that everyone is realizing that Sarah Palin is not up to par and McCain didn't save the world by flying to Washington, well, it's a little less easy. So Kay Steiger of Pushback and I decide to rub it in a little more and call him out for being a jerk and a tightwad. And then we talk about breakfast and abortion, you know, because that's how this stuff goes.MEGAN: I have a confession to make. I'm such a political nerd that I TiVo'd Project Runway for 20 minutes to watch the full Senate roll call vote on the Dodd amendment. (Which, for non-nerds, was the amendment upping FDIC insurance to cover deposits of up to $250,000 and a preview of who was voting for the real bill) KAY: Well, Project Runway was prerecorded. This was history in the making! MEGAN: And then I talked to the TV, saying shit like "Wow, I can't believe DeMint voted Nay but Coburn voted yes!" KAY: Also, did you hear that with all this talk about "crossing the aisle" it was Obama that actually did it. MEGAN: I mean, because, really, why would John McCain want to shake hands with him? I'm just shaking my head that McCain couldn't be bothered not to be a dick with so many reporters there, but I guess I shouldn't be. If he can't keep it together for a fucking editorial board... KAY: But being an asshole is the most important quality people look for in a president? MEGAN: Do people really want to grab beer with assholes? I mean, unless they're buying. KAY: I guess if you hang out in Georgetown. MEGAN: Wait, maybe that's why people like John McCain? Maybe Cindy lets him use her credit cards and he buys the drinks? Although, he's obviously a cheap breakfast kind of guy, though the most fascinating part of that is that Obama eats 4-6 eggs every morning. Damn! KAY: Probably to counteract how much time he spends in the gym. MEGAN: Still, though, he's kind of skinny. If I ate 4-6 eggs a day — not that I could physically consume that many eggs, I can eat about two and then my body goes, nuh-uh — you'd have to roll me down the street, exercise or no. I'm more of a MoDo kind of breakfast-er, coffee and delicious bitterness. Which is, I guess, why Nicole Wallace thinks I'm so brutal. KAY: Mmmm. Bitterness. MEGAN: Tastes like chocolate! KAY: Ok, so be honest: do you think the debate tonight is going to a) be awesome b) suck or c) not matter that much at all? MEGAN: I think I've stated my personal preferences of what I'd like to see happen, in a journalistic sense since, on a personal level, I don't want to see John McCain in a tankini. I think it has the potential to be cringe-worthy, throw-things-at-the-television-while-screaming bad in an awesome way. Or completely boring. KAY: Well apparently the format is designed to keep answers short — almost as if to prevent some of those long and rambling answers we've been hearing from Palin lately. MEGAN: Oh, I think she'll still be able to manage to sound ramble-y. The thing is, watching the clip of her talk around whether there's a non-Roe Supreme Court ruling with which she disagrees (as I shouted "Hamden! You disagree with Hamden! McCain said it in his RNC speech!"), she was bullshitting by trying to talk so much that you will forget she didn't answer the question. All the Alaska people are like, "she keeps her answers short and insults you with a smile," but that she carried them on notecards which I gotta think she can't have in this debate. So, I'm betting she bullshits. KAY: Well, now I'm sure she's "energized the base" with her completely incoherent position on abortion. She believes in both the ability for states to ban abortion and a constitutional right to privacy. That's not contradictory at all! MEGAN: I love how the new family-friendly anti-abortion line is not that they want women to lose their right to have one, they just want doctors to lose their right to perform them. And then their freedom. Those mean old doctors! Giving women unnecessary medical procedures! And they do it for money! Money! And no one in the anti-abortion movement ever gets paid. Except for all the people that run it. KAY: Right, where is the investigative journalism into the anti-abortion industrial complex? MEGAN: In More magazine and one article in the WaPo a few years back. Kay, those people bomb shit. And assassinate people. No one wants to die for other people's right to choose, other than the doctors who perform them despite the daily threats and the people who choose to work and clinics and such. KAY: I know, it's so sick. And the people backing the anti-choice measure in Colorado are linked to those scary people. MEGAN: Shocking! How utterly surprising that the backers of a referendum to all but eliminate a woman's right to choose would take money or support from people who see nothing wrong with honoring "life" by killing other people. Watch out, Colorado! If you defeat the referendum, they might decide to cleanse the whole state in God's holy fire. KAY: Or at the very least, make life a living hell for the doctors that perform abortions. MEGAN: I kind of think they already do that. Assholes. KAY: Ugh. Thanks for making me depressed about America this morning, Megan. MEGAN: It's a great fucking country.