McCain On Obama: "That One"

Not much else I can say other than just post the clip. That said, here's how others reacted. Megan: "9:45 ET: Brokaw asks if we should have a new Manhattan Project for energy or the private sector. McCain says both and then says my friends again and talks about how Obama voted for the Bush energy bill and he votes against bills with earmarks. He also called Obama 'that one.'"Andrew Sullivan: "9.49 pm. Two flashes from McCain so far: "that one," referring to Obama, and citing Obama's "secret." Nasty, uncivil and not even effective." Wonkette: "9:48 - HEY-O, McCain points at Obama and says "THAT ONE," as in "THAT ONE [supported it]" or "THAT ONE [is on all of your welfare!]". James Fallows: "'That one.' Difficult to discuss. Unwise for Obama or his campaign ever to mention themselves. But creates an impression that may be impossible to erase."Arlyn Tobias Gajilan & Patrick Enright at Newsweek: "Arlyn Tobias Gajilan: 'That one?' Patrick Enright: 'Wow'. Arlyn Tobias Gajilan: 'That was a little disrespectful'. Patrick Enright: 'Seriously.'" Marc Ambinder from the Atlantic: "9:48: McCain points at Obama: "'That one' — as in — 'That one' voted for the 2005 energy bill. That was a little too aggressive." Politico's Jonathan Martin: "McCain still not calling Barack 'Barack' It's the same as with the Ole Miss debate. 'You know who voted for it?' McCain asks rhetorically of the 'Bush and Cheney' energy bill. 'That one,' he says, pointing to his rival." Time's Karen Tumulty: "9:49 p.m. - KT - That one?" Update: Maybe McCain just meant to say "The One"?

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So I'm always all jazzed up after debates like a junkie who got a good heroin fix.

But yeah, i immediately went to race. And I'm white! MSNBC commentator just suggested it was only "people of colour" who would pick that up, but I doubt it. It's a brave new world kids.