McCain Feels The Fury Of His Own Supporters After Calling Obama A 'Decent Person'

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At a rally in Lakeville, Minnesota last night, Senator John McCain attempted to calm his supporters' fears by assuring them that Senator Barack Obama is, indeed, a "decent person and a person that you do not have to be scared of as president of the United States." How did the crowd respond? They booed, of course. For when you create a culture of supporters who enjoy spewing venom, you can't control when, where, and at whom they are going to spew it.The crowd was clearly upset that McCain had backtracked on his previous "I'm not saying Obama is a sketchy terrorist, but I'm not not saying that Obama is a sketchy terrorist, zoinks!" approach, which had been so successful in the past at assuring that some member in the crowd would finally get a chance to stand up and say something incredibly insane and hateful on national television. With even fellow GOP members calling out McCain and Palin for their unwillingness to address the hate-speak taking place at their rallies, it appears that the Senator from Arizona is attempting to quell the rising tide of public disdain by limiting his hate-mongering to commercials and whatever Sarah Palin has to say at any given time, when she's not, you know, off abusing her power somewhere. The fact that the crowd reacted the way they did is perhaps the most terrifying aspect of all of this. Were they booing at McCain? At the mention of Obama? Does it even really matter at this point? The fact is, John McCain created this hateful monster, and no amount of back-pedaling, especially when he's still running ads trying to portray Obama as a terrorist, is going to stop it. The Straight Talk Express is currently on its Hate Across America tour, and John McCain is slowly becoming the lead singer who can't figure out where all of his rock star dreams went wrong. We'll here's a hint, Senator: when you stoke the fires of paranoia, hatred, and anger, you might just get burned. Or booed. Either way, when your audience can't even accept your own words anymore, you might want to ask yourself why any of us should. McCain Booed For Calling Obama 'Decent' [MSNBC] Republican Congressman Criticizes Palin Rallies [Huffington Post]



This is ridiculous. John McCain didn't create this. Republicans are pissed that McCain hasn't been more vocal about Obama's connections to Ayers, Frannie and Freddie, and ACORN for MONTHS. And now when it looks like Obama is actually going to win this election so McCain finally starts talking it ... and then backpedaling on it ... yeah, it pisses us off. Ayers is an issue. The fact that Obama worked with Ayers bothers one hell of a lot of people. The fact that Obama gave ACORN $800,000 for get-out-the-vote efforts ... yeah, that pisses me off too. The media is finally reporting the connections that Republicans have been talking about for months. This isn't something McCain came up with ... his campaign is finally - rightfully - talking about it.