McCain Don't Know Much About (Racial) History

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  • John McCain's had some more time to think about John Lewis's words of caution about the level of racial intolerance and violence coming out in this election season. He thinks John Lewis' words were unacceptable. [CNN]
  • Of course, he probably didn't read this article about how calling an African-American political figure a socialist has a long and unfortunate history dating back to efforts to make African-American political leaders — and their fight for equality — seem foreign and scary. [American Prospect]
  • Or this one about how too many white people subconsciously associate white people with America and black people with foreign stuff. [Washington Post]
  • Or this one, about how people think only the white working class voters of the Midwest count as an authentic political coalition. [American Prospect]
  • Meanwhile, Barack Obama's got a new economic plan that involves you being able to access your retirement savings more easily and puts a 90-day moratorium on foreclosures. [NY Times]
  • But the McCainiacs definitely read that because their on-again-off-again new economic stimulus plan is back on again for tomorrow, which is totally the way to avoid looking erratic. [TPM Election Central]
  • And Nancy Pfotenhauer Pfuckingsucks still fucking sucks and is forced to, giggling, accuse über-conservative Bill Kristol of buying into Obama's hype. [Think Progress]
  • Oh and, yes, Paul Krugman won the Nobel Prize in economics. I sort of feel bad now that I skipped reading his book in college. [NY Times]

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Too many jezzies are looking like they will have a stroke caused by pure fury before the election.

I totally stand with you ladies on that. John McCain DOES know, but he and his advisors don't care as long as they win. I am not religious, but I honestly do pray for Obama and family.