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Mayor Opens Investigation After Woman Wins Free Drink For Blowing 24 Men

Illustration for article titled Mayor Opens Investigation After Woman Wins Free Drink For Blowing 24 Men

A local mayor on the spanish island of Majorca has opened an investigation after a video of a woman performing oral sex on over 20 men in a bar surfaced online earlier today. The woman, believed to be a British tourist, fellated the men for the prize of a bottle of Cava, which is estimated to be worth three euros.

The cava, according to reports, isn't really the point of what was going on in the video. Instead, the video appears to be related to "mamading" parties, or parties that have to do with oral sex. I can't help but think of rainbow parties as I type this, but there are no rewards (besides experience, I guess?) where rainbow parties are concerned and here the winner gets a bottle of cheap liquor.


While the act seen on the video (here, NSFW) appear to be voluntary, the mayor does not want Majorca or the resort town of Magaluf to be seen as a place where this type of public indecency is considered ok. Residents have long complained about the amount of bad behavior that goes on in Magaluf (drunk tourists everywhere) and the mayor has stated that any bar that participated in events like the ones depicted in the video will face closure.

The video has caused outrage on Twitter and other social media sites. The mayor's investigation is likely an attempt to change the reputation of the area, which has long been causing controversy with the out of control partying that occurs there.

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Jane, you ignorant slut.

Leaving aside all judgment on promiscuity and health concerns, I just feel like this is an awful lot of work for one measly little drink.