"Maybe We Could Go Back To Your Place And Name Your Breasts."

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This, amongst other potential pick-up lines, is from 1986's article John Bercow Guide to Understanding Women. At the time, he was a 23-year-old Tory councillor in South London. Now, he's Speaker of the House of Commons:

Other gems: "how to pick up virgins"; "how to pick up refined girls" and, if a ladyfriend has overstayed her welcome, "Don't move, I have just broken a test tube filled with the Aids virus." While a spokesman assures us that, "This article … in no way reflects the Speaker's views today," there's no mention of the fact that the wit isn't even AskMen caliber. Oh, and given that only yesterday his wife declared in the Daily Mail that "I was a binge-drinking ladette who downed two bottles of wine a day and had one-night stands," she's probably less flustered by the attention than the average political spouse.


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How charming? Though, I do want to read the article so I can get the whole...experience.