Folks, it's that time of the year again: Slutoween is back! And this year, the slut is skewing younger than ever. While little boys are dressing up as firemen and superheroes, little girls can be what Mike Adamick at Strollerderby calls "Meth Belly Pirate." Yes, the costume seen at left is for 7-year-olds. Adamick thinks the "model" on the packaging (seen after the jump) looks "drugged out." But I have to admit: When I was 13, I wanted to be a Playboy Bunny for Halloween, and my parents totally let me.It was only after I left the house in my terry tennis tank and short-shorts — teamed up with paper collar and bow tie, cuffs, ears and cottony tail — that I realized that the attention you attract when you're a teenager roaming the streets of New York in a bunny outfit doesn't feel 100% awesome. It's appealing and appalling at the same time. Sure, there's the thrill of doing something "older" or "edgy" and "sexy." But your psyche is odd when you're that age; you want things without even knowing why you want them. You're eager to grow up and be seen as "bad" and dangerous and daring, but when you push those limits, you tend to want to go home and put on pajamas and watch Silver Spoons. But: I do think the fact that my parents let me wear what I wanted meant that I didn't feel the need to act out, rebel or hide outfits from them. Even though I was a Playboy Bunny, I was a good kid. So, on one hand, I can agree that the Slutoween costumes are sorta icky; but on the other hand: Maybe we should just let kids wear them? Isn't it better to get your Meth Belly Pirate on when you're 7, so that you're over it by the time you're 16? And sooo over it when you're 21? (And while you're mulling that, don't forget to send us your Halloween outfits for our next past fashion!)


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