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Did ya hear? Lesbianism is chic now that Lindsay Lohan has tacitly embraced the joys of Sappho. At least that's what the New York Post thinks, and New York, one of Lilo's favorite playgrounds, is the newest state to recognize gay marriage. While gay marriages cannot be performed in New York State, according to the AP, Governor Patterson "instructed state agencies - including those governing insurance and health care - to immediately change policies and regulations to recognize gay marriages." And unless there is a stay of the recent California Supreme Court ruling, the left coast will start issuing same-sex marriage licenses on June 17.


While gay marriage is legal in Massachusetts, state residency requirements make it impossible for New Yorkers to cross the border to get hitched (thanks to ex-Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who dusted off a 1913 law on residency requirements to keep homosexuals from flocking to his fair state to get wedded). However, residents of Rhode Island and New Mexico can get married in the Gay Bay State, unless the couples say they plan on staying on after they're married, according to CNN.


But back to Sam Ronson and Lilo: though the Post's assessment of the effects of Lindsay's possible lesbianism on pop culture is outrgeous, I do think that if she does come out, it wouldn't be a particularly big a deal. In fact, as Queerty editor Andrew Belonsky puts it, "At this point, coming out would be the most normal thing [Lindsay's] done in months."

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