Maybe Anne Slowey Eats Only Olives Because That's All She Can Afford On Her 'Elle' Paycheck

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First we catch wind of the fact that there's no RSS feed on because there's no room for it in the budget, and now comes word that Elle can't afford to send its fashion team to the July couture shows in Paris. Right now, only founding Creative Director Gilles Bensimon (circled) is confirmed to attend, with nary a member of the top of the masthead (pictured alongside him from left to right, Editor-in-Chief Roberta Myers, Fashion Director Nina Garcia, Fashion News Director Anne Slowey, and Creative Director Joe Zee) to join in in the festivities. Myers confirmed this to Fashion Week Daily, saying the downsized traveling team was all a result of "budget reasons." And frankly, we respect her choice. We would much rather see the money going towards buying Anne Slowey something a hearty meal! Or, er, hiring some people to work in her newly-deserted department!

Couture Drought [FWD]
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My asshole reply: Good. It's about time glossy mags got theirs. God knows, those of us at dailies have been getting the shit kicked out of us for several years now.

Now, that being said ...

As a reader and subscriber, I'm a little disappointed. The latest issue had some really nice editorial spreads with Joe Zee in charge of several shoots. I was convinced ELLE was ready to really move forward. But now? I'm not so sure. Couture plays such an incredibly important part in fashion.

So, maybe the hiring of Joe Zee was an attempt to spark circ numbers and get the mag right again? I don't know. I just hope they fix it. I'd honestly be upset if I had to give up the genius that is Isabel Dupree.