Dear Jamie Lynn Spears, Angelina Jolie and other unmarried moms-to-be: Tracey Wilkinson feels your pain. According to today's Telegraph, the 31-year-old opened a store in Chiswik, west London called Expectant Bride. There, one can find a full range of wedding dresses designed to accommodate the growing belly of a pregnant woman. Wilkinson, mother of two, explains: "I got married when I was seven months pregnant and found it very difficult getting a maternity bridal dress to fit. You can't just wear a large sized normal dress as you look like you're wearing a tent. The dresses I sell look like a normal bridal gown but they are discreetly made to fit a bump." Plus, she claims her business is "doing really well." But Anne Widdecombe, a Member of Parliament, says: "I think this shop is an extremely sad sign of the times." But isn't a knocked up bride a symbol of hope? Because at least she's getting married? Something about a pregnant bride says, "We're going to try and make this work."

We all know the rhyme: First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage. But is such thinking just terribly old-fashioned? Does anybody care what order you do things in anymore?

Celebrities may not be proper role models, but you can't deny — from Johnny Depp to Halle Berry to Nicole and Joel — these days, cohabitation and kids without a marriage license is par for the course. While Ms. Widdecombe might also think children out of wedlock "sad," is the concept that there must be a marriage before a pregnancy just antiquated?

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