Maya Angelou On Barack Obama: "We All Rise"

I double dog dare you to watch this Maya Angelou interview from today's CBS Early Show without tearing up. "I am so filled with pride for my country," Angelou tells anchor Harry Smith. "We are growing up! My God, I'm so grateful." Of Barack Obama, Angelou says, "He's intelligent. I don't mean intellectually clever. I mean intelligent. What used to be called mother wit. He has common sense, which is most uncommon." Her words are so incredibly inspiring, and she wraps up her CBS appearance by reciting from her classic poem, "Still I Rise." "My lord," Angelou exclaims, "I'm an American, baby!"


Remedios Varo

I'm too happy to cry, but I did get goosebumps because not only is Maya Angelou a most wonderful and wise woman, I have the words "still I rise" tattooed on my back as a reminder during the bad times that I can fight back and that I cannot be brought down by anyone.