Max the Cattle Dog Befriends Ralphee the Disabled Kitten

This may make me a terrible person, but I'm starting to think I love it when animals become friends more than I like my own friends. My friends are cool any everything, but shit like this is just too adorable for words.

According to the Metro, Ralphee the cat was born with feline cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological condition in which the cerebellum, the structure of the brain, is not fully formed at birth. But Ralphee has found a new friend in Max the Australian cattle dog. And while Max seems rather bewildered with Ralphees erratic movements, as the video description says, "Max is never far away."

Brb crying.

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Aww, now I'm worried about the little kitty with the neurological condition. I am going to have to squeeze my kitties extra hard and creep them out to feel better.