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Mavis Leno On Why She Campaigns For Afghan Women's Rights

Illustration for article titled Mavis Leno On Why She Campaigns For Afghan Womens Rights

"If women who were free to speak did not speak, we might as well say to the entire world, 'No matter what you do to women, no one cares, just go right ahead.'" — Mavis Leno. [L.A. Times]


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Is that full-body covering there what a burqa actually is? If not, can somebody knowledgeable educate me in the different kinds of coverings?

I've seen a few women at the mini-Zinhas' school that wear a head-covering with a face-opening with street clothes, and also with long, flowing caftans with trousers underneath. But I thought it would be a little weird to go up and ask them about it. =X