Maury Povitch Tortures Woman With Painful Cotton Ball Phobia

This morning, Maury aired one of the weirdest episodes of the past decade, and, considering the show's usual subject matter, that's saying a lot. Today, the guests were all women with strange phobias, like being afraid of Jell-O, chicken, and cotton balls. Instead of helping these women or having a psychologist talk to them, Maury and his audience laughed at them, and Maury went to extremes to torture them. For example, Carolyn, a woman who is deathly afraid of cotton balls, has had a recurring nightmare for most of her life about a man made of cotton balls who tries to kill her. So Mo had two guys dress up in cotton ball costumes and chase her around the studio. Here's a tip for Carolyn should anyone try this again: spray the cotton ball men with a hose. They'll absorb all the water and hopefully fall down, and you can then commence kicking them in the cotton-less balls. Clip above.


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