Matthew Fox You Are Scaring Us a Little

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DUI haver and alleged bus driver puncher Matthew Fox has been off the film and television radar since everyone's most beloved disappointment Lost ended in 2010. Get ready for all that to change — the actor will soon appear Alex Cross, a film based on the action novel series I, Alex Cross by James Patterson (found in airports everywhere). Fox will play a skilled assassin who is living undercover as an MMA fighter (hahahaaa).

Fox is featured in a recently-released still from the "film" and something looks decidedly off about him from his ol' island days as Jack Shephard. Is it his haircut? That we've never seen him in fingerless gloves before? Maybe it's the way he's holding his mouth? Or you know what it could be? THAT HIS MUSCLES ARE TRYING TO RIP OUT OF HIS SKIN. The good news is that passes to the movies are slightly cheaper than tickets to Bodies the Exhibition and, by checking out Fox in Alex Cross, you are getting pretty much the exact same experience.


That Dude from Lost Looks Kinda Ripped [Film Drunk]

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Sawyer, Jin, and Sayid need to come and knock some sense into him. And they need to do it topless and at my house.