Matthew Broderick's Old Vespa Is For Sale on Craigslist

Ferris Bueller and Carrie Bradshaw superfans, spread thine wallets: Matthew Broderick's old Vespa is available for the buying on Craigslist. Broderick doesn't currently own it; some guy in Queens does. But the point is that Sarah Jessica Parker might have at one point possibly sat on it.

So, anyone in the market for a cool green Vespa, here's the ad:

200cc 200GTL Vespa for sale with 2800 genuine miles.

Runs and rides perfectly with no problems whatsoever. Some minor cosmetic damage that can be fixed easily at little cost but this does not inhibit the way the bike rides. This bike has 20hp and can be ridden on the highway at 70mph no problem with two people. On another note the first owner of this bike was Mathew Broderick so SJP was probably on the back at some point, I have the old title with his name on it.



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