This morning, The Today Show's Matt Lauer interviewed Amy Polumbo, the current Miss New Jersey with the little girl voice who's been blackmailed by an anonymous person(s) threatening to make photographs with "fictitious captions" of her public. No one (well, besides Amy, her lawyer, the authorities, and the blackmailer!) really knows what the fuck is in these photos, a fact that seemed to be killing Matt (and, honestly, us!) throughout the interview. And Amy wasn't telling, alleging only that she is 1) not nude in them and 2) not engaging in underage drinking or doing "anything illegal." "They're not that bad, I'm a normal college girl," says Amy. Huh? A normal college girl who's not having sex on camera or doing shots of Cuervo? She must be going to racist parties!

Miss New Jersey On Alleged Blackmail Plot [NBC]