Remember the Duggar family we told you about last week when they had their 17th child? Well, the whole clan was on the Today show this morning, live via satellite from their 7000+ sq. ft. home in Arkansas (that they built themselves). Matt Lauer went after them (in the nicest way possible) to really find out what the fuck their deal is. He asked mom Michelle if, after 15 deliveries (two sets of twins in there), birthing a baby is "ho hum." Translation: After 15 deliveries, is your vagina so destroyed that these things just drop out of you, like when elephants have babies? We'd previously thought vaginal rejuvenation was all a bunch of bullshit. But we can recommend some doctors if she wants! Anyway, Lauer did a good job, but we're still waiting for the explanation of those Big Love compound hairdos.
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