Mathew Knowles Really Wants This Destiny's Child Biopic To Happen

Is Papa Knowles delusional? That is the question I asked while watching this timely Wall Street Journal interview, where Beyoncé's father Mathew says, "Most people don't know that I still officially manage Destiny's Child."


That may be the case, but does Destiny's Child know that? In this interview with WSJ reporter Lee Hawkins, Mathew explains that the group is not officially broken up, so "don't be surprised if one day there's a new record and a new tour," he says. (Hmm). He also confirms that he indeed pitched a Destiny's Child movie to Sony and that yes it would be great:

"Their story, which starts when they were nine or 10 years old in Houston, it's a story that really engages you. It talks about their challenges, their successes, their failures... One of the great aspects of a Destiny's Child movie or a play is the empowerment of the songs and the empowerment that Destiny's Child has given to women."

Would Beyoncé have some creative control in this movie? Mathew says:

"I would also want the ladies of Destiny's Child to be involved and engaged with it and get their support. That would be important as well. That story is very special to us and we want to make sure and ensure that we get the right screenwriter, that we build the right team around it and that we have the right network."

This sounds like he doesn't have their support yet. In the interview, Mathew (who's a business professor at Texas Southern) also talks about his record label, the role of a manager, grooming Destiny's Child and his passion for music. When Hawkins asks him his proudest moment as a businessman, he says:

"Without question, one of the proudest things for me is to see my... Beyoncé and Solange. To see Beyoncé and Solange's dreams come true, and it was their passion. You know, I always said, when they were little, that if you wanted to be a doctor—just knowing my personality—I would be like, 'Hm, how can I buy a hospital?' And so to see them have the success that they both are having today, and to see that they're really genuine good people and they're the same good people, they have respect for others regardless of what they do, that would be one of them."


The one thing Mathew says he regrets is putting Jagged Edge and Destiny's Child on the same tour bus. But he doesn't explain why, just says this will be explored in the Destiny's Child biopic:

"I was not on the bus. When you see the movie or the play, that will become a very important part that nobody knows... Wasn't a good decision."


Ok. We clearly don't know the full story about the relationship between him and Beyoncé, so it's hard to tell if he's holding onto a fantasy or what. Whatever their status is now, we do know that Beyoncé parted ways with him as her manager and that he's been hit with paternity suits. Everything could be gravy or Beyoncé could be watching this all with a frozen smile.



"When you see the movie or the play..."

Dear god, let it be a play.