Massage Therapist Arrested For Assault After Woman Learns He Isn't Gay

A Jersey City woman says she agreed to have her breasts and buttocks massaged because she thought the therapist was gay. She filed a criminal complaint, alleging criminal sexual contact, when she learned he had a girlfriend.


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So gay men are granted access to women's bodies (see Isaac Mizrahi fondling boobs like there's no tomorrow on the red carpet) and it's accepted as non-sexual, platonic touching, but if a straight male massage therapist who touches all sorts of people professionally does it she just can't accept that he couldn't possibly be doing his job and be uninterested in her? If it felt like it was all part of the massage and felt in no way inappropriate when a gay man was doing it, why is it all of a sudden sexual assault when a straight man did it? I know people in relationships can stray, but he had a girlfriend, fondling her might not have even been on his mind. Obviously he was looking out for her comfort- he asked if she'd be okay with him touching her there and she agreed. It's not his fault that she assumed that he was gay.

Side note: How did she learn he had a girlfriend? There's no article at the link, but I'm interested if this is headed the way I think it's headed.