Masculine Insanity

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A tipster alerted us to one of the single oddest blogs we've ever seen: Feminine Beauty, one self-appointed expert's manifesto on what constitutes beauty to "lifetime exclusive heterosexual men." The guy's mission is to explode society's predilection for the "masculine" and eunuch-like beauty ideas propagated by the gay mafia by means of many pseudo-scientific diagrams, guidelines for beauty, and a lot of half-nude pics of women he's deemed attractive. "It is necessary to depict women in this section partially nude or scantily clad for a proper evaluation of body proportions and contours, obviously to educate rather than to titillate," he explains. While the site is fascinatingly absurd, it doesn't bother us simply because 1) he's obviously a total crackpot 2) He's kind of right about eating disorders (stopped clock-style) and 3) We're guessing nobody can actually get through his Alfred Kinsey-on-NyQuil prose. [Feminine Beauty]


He totally stole this from my site "Masculine Beauty." It explores how farts really are funny, regular showers are overrated, and emotional unavailability is a lost art.