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Mary Kennedy’s Body Exhumed and Reburied at a Plot Away from the Other Kennedys

Illustration for article titled Mary Kennedy’s Body Exhumed and Reburied at a Plot Away from the Other Kennedys

Two months after Mary Kennedy hanged herself in her Westchester barn, the AP is reporting that her body has been exhumed and reburied in a Cape Cod cemetary 700 feet away from her original grave among other Kennedys. Frank Maki, the superintendent of St. Francis Xavier Cemetery, told the AP that Kennedy had been moved earlier this month after being buried on May 19th. Robert Kennedy, Jr., apparently asked that she be moved to a hilltop surrounded by empty plots he's negotiating to buy.


Mary Kennedy filed for divorce from her husband two years ago, and, in a court affidavit, Robert Kennedy claimed that his wife beat him, threatened suicide in front of the couple's children, ran over the family dog, and drank excessively. Her relatives didn't attend the funeral Robert organized, opting instead to pay tribute to her at a private ceremony in Manhattan.


Mary Kennedy Reburied Away From Kennedy Family [AP via ABC News]

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EisenBolan, SJW

Bored in grocery store, plus cooler then outside, there was an article in National Examiner trashing JFK Jrs wife for delaying the fatal plane ride because of her need for cocaine, plus JFK Jr had evidence about his dads death. That latter part seemed idiotic. Just another Kennedy wife story of the week.

Wish they were left alone.