Mary-Kate "Would Never Wish Our Upbringing On Anyone…"

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Although the former child star adds, in the September issue of Marie Claire, "But I wouldn't take it back for the world."

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I remember catching some E! THS (or of that ilk) about their early days on Full House and b/c they were so young their parents and the crew literally had to just yell (but, you know, not in a mean way) at them from off-camera to get them to crawl in a certain direction, make a smile, etc. So I get the monkey analogy.

I guess, from a financial perspective, their parents and Dual Star business manager did right by them. They were legally credited in such a way as to assure maximum assets from everything, not just some measly residuals. We're talking $1 billion in revenue and they actually have most of it.

I know they've had their [rumored, but probably true] issues, but at this point I think it's fair to say they're legitimate entrepreneurs who take their business seriously.