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Mary Kate Has More Than Just The Body Of Christ

Illustration for article titled Mary Kate Has More Than Just The Body Of Christ
  • When casting directors ask our opinion as to which starlets could make convincing Evangelical Christians we never really thought, "Oh, yeah, MK Olsen! Totes!". But then we realized that whole 'miracle of the loaves and fishes' thing totally sounds like a trick we read on a pro-ana website. [Page Six]
  • Don't let her ass-lickery fool you, 'Idol' wannabes! When Paula Abdul broke her nose while throwing a tantrum and then said she'd tripped on her chihuahua we realized just what a very very convincing liar she is. [Page Six]
  • OMG! It's the return of the multi-talented (and so terribly press-shy) Callum Best-grope-victim Sara Kova! Apparently Lindsay did not say hi to her! [Rush & Molloy]
  • Rosie O'Donnell's chief writer Janette Barber was escorted from the building after drawing moustaches all over pictures of Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and we'd make a joke but "SHE'S DEFACE OF ROSIE'S REVENGE" was taken. [Page Six]

[More news about Rose McGowan, Justin and Jessica, and maybe something about Kim Jong-Il's missile tests after the jump.]

  • Justin Timberlake is "in love" with Jessica Biel, probably because she has never been less muscular. [People]
  • Rose McGowan may not be over Marilyn Manson. [Rush & Molloy]
  • You know how they say whoring is the "oldest profession"? It's a good line, yes, but before there were two-faced, pious politicians to hire them, weren't they probably just called sluts? [Rush & Molloy]

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Hey, we believed Mary-Kate on Full House, right? On that note, we bought Bob Sagat as wholesome Danny Tanner, so at this point, we'll pretty much believe anything.

Although my favorite Evangelical-Christian-on-screen is totally Mandy Moore.