Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen: Crazy Like Foxes Or Just Crazy?

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We hate to say it, but we like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, at least as designers. Their virgin effort with the high-end line The Row was clean and sophisticated. Though not particularly innovative, it was distinctly them, and we sorta love the Fosse dancer look it embodied. And we thought their "lower-end" line Elizabeth and James (it's still priced between $175 for leggings and $975 for a rabbit shrug, bitches) was even better — not radical, but well-thought out (albeit ridiculously expensive). But nothing beats listening to the Olsens talk about being designers.


They go from sounding totally legit — smart girls who happen to have made a lot of money — to completely incomprehensible. Case in point? Of the Elizabeth and James aesthetic, Mary-Kate says, "We dress a certain way, we buy a lot of vintage clothing. I've always been fascinated by furniture and clothes from a different time. You can change anything by the way you dress, by the way you put it together. It's almost like creating a little fantasy world for yourself, which is how I kind of look at fashion and most of the things I do." A fairly good answer, when it comes to designers explaining why they do what they do. And yet, Ashley says of the line's name, which coincidentally is composed of the twins' siblings names: "We wanted to pick a male name and a female name. I remember saying Elizabeth and James, and being like, 'Oh, my gosh, that's our brother and sister!'" What. The. Fuck?

And yeah, it's a little weird that their major accomplishment was sharing the role of Michelle Tanner — but they feel the same way! Points for them, as Mary-Kate says, "The audience from Full House is still around, from kids who are just starting to watch it to grandparents who grew up with it... I'm still amazed how much it has aired and who our audience is, because it's everyone." But, hmm, minus points, girls, for statements like this, about why you went to college: Mary-Kate: "I wanted to go to school to perfect a passion for interests." We're not even sure what that sentence means. Seriously.

But we continue to watch and listen! Because whether these girls are being surprisingly astute or sounding a little coked-out, we can't help hanging on their every word. Sigh.

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