Mary J. Blige Hits Husband; Courtney Love Says She's A Good Mom

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  • Uh-oh. Mary J. Blige punched her husband in the face at her record release party. Dude was reportedly bleeding. She was heard screaming:

"You're not going to ruin my night!" And "What are you gonna do, Chris Brown me?" What happened to no more drama!?!?!? [Page Six]

  • According to this report, Mary J. Blige "smacked" her husband for checking out a waitress. [NY Daily News]
  • Have you noticed that Mary J. Blige and Rihanna have the same haircut? [TMZ]
  • Miley Cyrus's new boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, was once in a brawl after an event in Hollywood, so this piece claims he has a "history of violence." [TMZ]
  • Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins actually broke up over the summer; they're just dropping the bomb on us now. For Christmas! Sniffle. [Page Six]
  • Brittany Murphy's family has hired a security team for the funeral today. [TMZ]
  • Vanessa Hudgens is suing the owners of a website which posted and refused to take down nude pictures of her. [TMZ]
  • Managers for the kids from Jersey Shore have been trying to get clubs to pay $10,00 for appearance fees, but NYC hot spots are all, thanks but no thanks. [Page Six]
  • New Jersey lawmakers want MTV to cancel Jersey Shore. [AP]
  • Kristin Cavallari partied with the cast of Jersey Shore and the pictures speak for themselves. [ONTD]
  • Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher bought their Christmas presents at a vintage store. [People]
  • BREAKING: Renee Zellweger went for Starbucks. [3AM]
  • Fox will order more seasons of American Idol with or without Simon Cowell. It's hard to imagine it without, yet surely the show would chug along… The voices are the true stars. [Reuters]
  • BTW: American Idol will return to the top 24 format; the top 36 was "too unwieldy." [NY Post]
  • Susan Boyle says: "It's been an absolutely brilliant year and I can't thank everyone enough for the support I've been given, not only here but around the world. I am the happiest I have ever been and truly enjoying myself." [Mirror]
  • Sometimes people do not want to be linked to Tila Tequila, and the gossip columns should respect that! [Page Six]
  • Unsolicited uterus update: Even though Tila Tequila tweeted that she was pregnant, what she meant was she's about to get pregnant. She is ready to be a surrogate. [NY Daily News]
  • Glee won four Satellite Awards, which could mean it's got a good chance at the Golden Globes. [NY Post]
  • Rob McElhenny, aka Mac on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, has bought a bar in Philadephia's Old City neighborhood. [ONTD]
  • Uh, Tom Waits is in The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus? Didn't realize that. He says he's not an actor, but, "I do some acting." And: "Nobody wants you to be good at two things… They'd rather get a specialist, a guy who just works on eyes or scalp or ankles. Nobody wants a general practitioner. But the arts are such that there's a place where they overlap." Check out his character's pencil thin mustache at the link. [LA Times]
  • Avatar is doing okay here in the US, but it's doing much better outside of the country — with a total $285 million at the box office worldwide. Since the movie has a $300 million price tag, it's almost about to break even. [Forbes]
  • Seam Penn is dating hot young things. [Page Six]
  • Rhoda's Valerie Harper is returning to TV to play Brad Garrett's mom on an episode of Til Death. [Page Six]
  • "The secret comic-book origin of Sherlock Holmes." [Reuters]
  • "As a little dainty, beautiful baby I just worshipped her, but now she's at an age where we fight, where sometimes she hates me, sometimes I get really mad at her. It's like, 'Oh you must be a bad mother,' No, I'm not a bad mother. I'm a very good mother" — Courtney Love on Frances Bean Cobain. [Page Six via]
  • "We ate a lot of chicken, you know, because chicken's cheap, we had so much chicken — chicken backs, chicken everything... to this day, I can only eat small pieces or else I feel funny." — Eating chicken reminds Jay-Z of when he was poor. [Mirror via O Magazine]
  • "I'm a firm believer that you can't will anything sooner than it's destined to happen no matter how much you want it. That's the way I live my life, and it's the way I'm able to keep my sanity in this industry."— Law & Order's Anthony Anderson, who used to work the phones for Ticketmaster. [WSJ]
  • "I think the Obama administration has followed the same playbook, to a large extent, almost verbatim, as the Bush administration. I don't see anything different. On the domestic side, look here: What's so clear is that this country from the outset is projecting the interests of wealth and property. Look at the bailout of Wall Street. Why not the bailout of Main Street? He may be just a different face, and that face may happen to be black-and if it were Hillary Clinton, it would happen to be a woman. But what choices do they have within the structure?" — Danny Glover is disappointed with Barack Obama. [The Life Files via News One]
  • "They're just the most brilliant in the world. My fans are fucking really smart — they're art students, they're club kids, and some of them are just normal Top 40-listening kids in high school who don't feel like they have an identity yet and they're searching for one. My dad was at a show the other night and afterwards he said, 'Do you think your fans are smart?' and I said, 'Oh hell yeah, my fans are smart,' and he said, 'You know what, I was thinking the same thing during the show.' Every song I did, they remade on their own, and every photograph that I took, they took their own version of it. They remade my music videos, they designed clothes for me. They wrote poetry and made films and designed all sort of amazing paintings." — Lady Gaga is a fan of her fans. [Mirror via MTV News]

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I understand some of the frustration with Obama. I feel it too. But let's be honest here - He is definitely a step up from George W. Bush. I'm getting sick of people acting like he's not.

"I don't see anything different."


Google our last President for awhile then get back to me on that.