Mary J. Blige has knocked pantywaist Josh Groban from the top of the Billboard charts this week. Her Growing Pains hit number one, selling 204,000 copies. This is Mary's fourth Billboard #1, and coming in at no. 2 is Alicia Keys with As I Am. Happy New Year, ladies! [Reuters]

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@LadySkittlehattington: My roommate was obsessed with Oprah (I got the O coffee table book for Christmas one year), but I boycotted her after watching her interview with Nelson Mandela. One, she kept interrupting him. Two, literally half the show was all of Oprah's Hollywood friends talking about him. I mean, Sidney Poitier, ok, but John Travolta and Diana Ross- frown. Mandela barely got a word in. The kicker though was when she mocked his SA accent. That pissed me off so much I literally screamed at the tv for the rest of the show. She kinda redeemed herself with the Eli Weisel piece at Auschwitz. At least she had the sense to shut the heck up and let him talk...