Mary J. Blige Continues Milking Her Marriage For Attention, Gives Herself Family-Friendly New Look

Did you hear? Mary J. Blige's marriage to record producer Kendu Isaacs saved her from a legacy of rage, resentment, and self-destruction. Of course, that's the softer, gentler, feature-friendly image that onetime wild-child Mary J. has been pushing (and pushing!) in interviews and acceptance speeches over the past few years. But lest you still think of Mary J. as more hardcore hip-hop singer than hardcore housewife, just take a look at the new issue of domestic-goddess mag Redbook. (Mary J. Blige? In Redbook? Yeah, weird.) Apparently, Mary J. "requested" that the magazine's editors airbrush her tattoos for her cover image on the May issue. Gone from her famously-toned bod: "a cross on her left arm and her name in English script letters on the other," reports WWD.

'We think [Blige] is just gorgeous — tattoos or no tattoos," said Redbook editor in chief Stacy Morrison. 'We were just disappointed that her management requested that we airbrush them from her photos because they are so much a part of who she is. But the ink doesn't make the woman."


No, but caving into the demands of a woman who doesn't even represent your target demo does make you sort of a pussy!

No More Ink[WWD]

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