Martha Stewart's Dog Has a Higher Standard of Living Than Most Human Children

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Like many convicted felons, Martha Stewart has a big guard-type dog that she takes everywhere with her. Unlike many felons' dogs, Martha's canine familiar is a Chow Chow named Genghis Khan, and on Monday, he won Best in Breed at Westminster. So what's Genghis Khan-Stewart's life like when he's not winning awards? Pretty flipping awesome.


Stewart told Vanity Fair that Genghis eats a special diet that she prepares herself. She says,

I make his food. He eats either white or brown rice that's steamed with peas, carrots, string beans, and broccoli all chopped up in it. Boiled fish-I buy blue fish by the tens of pounds-and I boil the bluefish with the skin and bones until its falling off the bones, then I take it all off the bones then I freeze it in the liquid, then it's sort of gelatinous. They get that with every meal.


The domestic goddess further explained that she takes Ghengis's special food with her when she travels with her pet, and that he eats at the table with her. "He's just so regal," she says. She and her champion chow stayed at New York City's Plaza Hotel during the show.

Exclusive! Martha Stewart tells All About her Westminster-Competing Chow Chow, Genghis Khan [VF]

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