Martha Stewart's Daughter Talks Sexless Marriage, Sort Of

Alexis Stewart's show, Whatever Martha, kind of makes us uncomfortable, feeling as it does like an extended case of public adolescent rebellion. To wit: they talk about "sexless marriage!" Which Martha would never talk about!

This is one of those news-show booking crams where they randomly had Alexis and her cohost Jennifer Koppelman Hutt on with some economist who was talking about how some couples stay together because it's cheaper than divorcing. This had exactly nothing to do with the fact that this one time some "female" called into Whatever to talk about her sexless marriage - however, it was obviously necessary to put them on a split-screen with the economist for a chaotic 30 seconds, with a banner headline reading: "Show hosted by Martha Stewart's daughter mocks Stewart's show."

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I think their tv show is funny as hell, they are merciless. I was gobsmacked when I found out the whole thing had Martha's blessing, maybe she has a sense of humor after all!