Reformed jail bird Martha Stewart, in a desperate bid to appeal to a younger audience, has sanctioned a TV show starring her daughter, Alexis, and Jennifer Koppelman Hutt, the daughter of the chairman of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, in which they mockingly recap old episodes of Martha's show from the 90s. Does anyone else find this deeply weird? I mean, I am no stranger to making fun of my mother but I do so gently and anonymously. The meta-Martha show, called Whatever, Martha, sounds incredibly hostile: According to the New York Times, "Alexis Stewart said in an interview that the sometimes harsh opinions - nothing is off limits, including her mother's clothes, fastidiousness and habit of mixing sexual innuendo with her household hints - is simply the truth."

I realize Martha thinks that this sort of snark is going to keep her relevant, after all, Whatever, Martha was her idea, but I think it's going to backfire. If there's one thing that's sacred in this country, it's the mother-daughter relationship, and a show based around a daughter calling her mom's outfits "hideous" and mocking her with the gloves off is going to hit the absolutely wrong emotional pitch. Martha's publicist, Sheila Feren, seems to agree with me, according to the Times, "During the preparation of this article, Ms. Feren repeatedly said, 'Oh, my God. Please tell me this is not happening.'"


Alexis Stewart and Jennifer Koppelman Hutt will also attempt to do the crafts and recipes that Martha made on her own show, and the bloopers that result from that will play a lot better than what Alexis describes as her "honest" opinion. There have been rumors in the past that Alexis and Martha's relationship had its drama in the past, but the pair reconciled when Martha was in the slammer, and in some ways this show seems like a very public therapy session in which Alexis is working out her considerable anger towards her mom. Of the show, Alexis says that she doesn't say anything Martha wouldn't "say herself…Given a drink or two." Which is exactly the problem: this experiment may reveal the inner bitch of the world's favorite domestic goddess, and it might not be pretty.

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