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Martha Stewart, Why Are You Hoarding $20 Infant Socks?

My God. How many more are there?


Night blogger at Jezebel

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So I feel the need to share this with other Martha fans. Anybody else remember Martha By Mail? Long before the internet and such, she operated a business via catalogue and phone. Anyways, Saturday I was at a thrift shop and found her yellow ware three piece mixing bowls. The entire set priced for $8. I nearly screamed and couldn’t buy them fast enough. FYI, the largest bowl is now valued at $175, the set is near $500. It doesn’t matter to me. Back when she was on air I swore some day I would own those bowls and now I do. I was beyond poor, worried about money and food was a concern. 25 something years later I finally have them. I had tears in my eyes.