Married Men Enjoy Discounts At Hooters

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According to this ad, which was recently spotted in New York City, a man can get a discount at Hooters if he has a wife (who may or may not know that he enjoys his hot wings served with a side of female objectification).

Gothamist has confirmed that the promotion, which was inspired by the upcoming film Hall Pass, isn't a hoax, but Hooters is a bit hazy on the official rules and regulations. According to one assistant manager who wishes he never answered Gothamist's call, they'll be confirming that men are married based on, "The honor system, I guess ... Show us a wedding band." As for how the ring will show what "reward" level the husband deserves, he explains, "Well, if you say you've been married 30 years, we'll be able to tell if you're old enough for that to be true."

You can't argue with that logic, but we're still confused about some of the specifics. Let's say you're a man married to another man. Can you combine the number of years you've been married for a bigger discount? Does your union have to be recognized by New York State? Does bringing your wife count as proof of marriage? Come to think of it, don't wives deserve a marriage discount too? Sure, Hooters isn't our favorite eating establishment, but we may be able to ignore the chain's inherent misogyny for the sake of discounted buffalo wings.


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Husband: Hey, honey. Do you know where our marriage license is?

Wife: Our marriage license? Ummm... I think it's in the filing cabinet in the blue folder.

Husband: Thanks!

Wife: Why do you need our marriage license?

Husband: Oh, the guys and I were going to go down to Hooters, check our the tank tops and short shorts, and I thought, hey! Why not get 10% off my hot wings?

Wife: *slamming drawer shut* Absolutely not. Our marriage will not be used for a Hooters hot wings discount.

Husband: *sudden realization of actions* Oh my God honey, you're right. What was I thinking.

Wife: Thank you.

Husband: Jeff has been married to Shelley for 15 years! That's a 20% discount!