Marriage-Starved Women Plan Weddings Before They've Scored a Fiancé

It's a well-known fact that women are always secretly plotting the quickest way to marriage. See a handsome man walking his dog in the park? Have a friend distract him while you quickly slip a ring on his finger — in some cultures that's as good as a legal contract — then get rid of that dog immediately so you can assure that your husband never loves anything in his life more than he loves you. Trying to start a life with your boyfriend without going into debt? LOL, not before you say yes to the dress, girl!

According to GMA, some ladeez have a leg up on the rest of us by planning their weddings before they even have fiancés. And not just in their imaginations. These women are lining up caterers, picking out stationery and buying dresses (though one example was a woman whose dress had belonged to her grandmother so does it really count?). Sure, it's a little bananas to put the cart so far before the horse, but has GMA ever heard of a hope chest before? Is this a new concept? Guys, is it weird that I'm wearing a veil right now?

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barelylethal: shitass

Am I alone in thinking the woman with the two dresses is not crazy or even all that desperate? She saw a deal on a white dress that's her style and would "someday" be for a wedding - it was $12!

I've bought a lot of "someday" things for $12.

Also, she strikes me as more hyper organized than desperate. I bet if you looked through the rest of her house you'd find more accordion binders - one marked "coupons," one marked "lamps I like for when I update my bedroom decor," one marked "gift ideas for people I don't know that well," one marked "dogs I'd like to get when I finally move someplace big enough for a dog."

I feel like I've revealed far too much of myself with this comment. To be fair, MY folders aren't accordion folders - they're hanging file folders.