Marketers To Women: You Shop, Therefore You Exist

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The AMP marketing agency has done a survey of the habits of 3,000 women shoppers, and boy are they pleased with their results. What they've discovered is that as shoppers, women fall quite neatly into one of four categories, which makes it that much easier for marketers "connect" with them, to know what "messages to send" and how to get women to "engage with the brand." The categories are:
The Content Responsibles: This group is responsible with their money. Shopping is not a fun past time, but an errand or a chore rather than an experience.
The Natural Hybrids: A cross between a social and trend-setting butterfly and a grounded domestic diva. Their approach to shopping falls between safe, predictable purchases and splurges.
The Social Catalysts: These women are social shoppers who look at shopping as a fun activity. They are trendy, they want the latest-greatest.
The Cultural Artists: These women are at the forefront of today's trends. They are impulsive shoppers and are usually ruled by the emotional rather than practical brain. They are always shopping.
Wow! These people really know their shit! It's like they are really inside our heads. Except that we happen to know of a few other kinds of female shoppers, whom the company neglected to categorize...


The Specific Event-ist: This shopper "works" i.e. reads blogs too much to do laundry; any event in which she must look presentable is preceded by a mad dash to buy something, anything. Can often be seen rifling through the racks at the early morning Banana Republic after a one-night stand.
The Shopping Bulimic: This shopper works alone. She shops secretly and in spurts. When friends compliment her on a purchase, she lies and says she got it
"on sale".
The Fluctuator: Has two sets of clothes, one for when she's thin and one for when she's fat.
The Serial Returnist: Guilt, often of the Jewish persuasion, causes this shopper to return clothes she has bought at Neiman Marcus after she has spotted a similar item at H&M.
Inside Our Head [AMP]



I'm The PMS Shopper. Otherwise reasonable in taste and expense, I am hostage one day a month to hormonal fits of insecurity and discontent and make huge fashion leaps and risks that gives the back of my closet reason to exist. Also prone to buy the lego shoes earlier mentioned today.