John Lennon's murderer, Mark David Chapman, was been denied parole for the fifth time because the parole board believes that he still remains a threat to public safety. • A new video promoting Mary-Kate Olsen on the cover of British Elle documents a recycled photoshoot and a startlet's recycled responses. • Single, female Arab bloggers talk about the stigma in the Middle East against women who study or work away from home.

• Former biology teacher from San Marcos, CA and Army Reserve Capt. Laura Peters receives a medal from the state of California for her time spent as a liaison in Iraq. • Wajeha Al Huwaider is a Saudi activist who has made a YouTube video against Saudi Arabia's banning of women practicing sports in public. • Older female actresses are finding success and critical acclaim in television dramas where all five of the Emmy nominees for lead actress in a drama were women over 40 years-old. • An author of So Sexy, So Soon talks about the sexy images that young girls are exposed to at a early age. • Related: 6 ways to prep your kids for an oversexed world! Basically, just talk to your kids in a mature way about sex.