Marissa Cooper's Clothes on The O.C. Were All Mischa Barton

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Not much appears to have been happening in the life of Mischa Barton since she did a People cover story last fall about her past issues and future acting career. But as part of a series on Elle exploring on-screen style of important female characters, Barton spoke up about how groundbreaking Marissa Cooper's garb was – because of her influence.


In the interview, Barton takes a lot of credit for Marissa's designer clothing:

Coming from New York, I was friends with a lot of the fashion designers. I grew up in a world around models and supermodels and designers and fashion. In L.A., they were very much like, 'What is that? I don't really know what that is.'


If I were one of the costume designers for The O.C., I might be feeling a little peeved right now:

I started getting Chanel to send stuff. I started having these designers send stuff over because I saw the merit in getting that kind of stuff on television. It was interesting: If I had those connections in the fashion world, why not? [The wardrobe department] would totally have been happy just dressing us as regular teenagers, to be honest. Not in a bad way, we would have looked adorable, but we would have been just your average Orange County teenagers. But with my wiling and conniving I was like, 'You know what would be super great is if we could get this Chanel dress for this [prom] episode,' and it kind of all came together.

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Back in 2004, there was a profile of Mischa Barton in Allure in which she had this to say about her appearance at a benefit for survivors of the Beslan massacre, in which 334 people, mostly children, died: "Oh. For these Russian victims of like, acts of terror. Most people didn't know who I was because they were all into this thing about helping Russian children. But I was so glad I went. That's my favorite jacket ever. It's so horribly 80's but it's vintage YSL. It cost me nothing."

I have had nothing but withering scorn for her ever since.