Marilyn Manson likes sex. And by that we mean he likes to have a vampire. Yes, Manson fancies himself a vampire, someone who "consumes" his women and can only be stopped by being "stabb[ed]...through the heart," which has always been his "weakness, metaphorically." But what else gets Manson off, other than playing Bela Lugosi? Well apparently, he likes his sex augmented by gourmet food. Confesses Manson, "I can order caviar and throw it away... I did it last night. There was sex involved." Ew! Luckily, the fish roe was left out when Manson and his child bride (of Satan, that is) Evan Rachel Wood did the nasty for reals in his latest music video. And lucky for Dita von Teese, so was she.

Marilyn Manson Likes Vampire Sex [Hollywood Rag]