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Marilyn Manson Has Eaten Evan Rachel Wood's Soul, Lent Her His Eyeliner

Illustration for article titled Marilyn Manson Has Eaten Evan Rachel Woods Soul, Lent Her His Eyeliner

[New York, NY; Sept. 13. Image via INF.]


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Be nice to Evie...tsk, tsk. There is nothing wrong with her dating Manson, despite the age difference. They have no problem with the age difference, only everybody else... give her credit for not having an alcohol, drug, and/or sex tape problem like all the other, i.e., Paris, Lilo, et al, young women celebrities have.

Sure, she is only 19 (well, almost 20) but her parents are okay with her dating Manson, only after meeting him though, and she is still as talented as she was in "Thirteen" and "Once and Again"... until she has some melt down, let her relationship with Manson run its course...