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Better get back on that ledge, failed and cynical writers of America — Marilyn Hagerty, the North Dakota food critic who rocked the elitist New York media with her cordial review of an Olive Garden in Grand Forks and then took the city by storm during a whirlwind visit, is in talks with Anthony Bourdain and Harper Collins for a book deal, probably one commensurate in size with the mix of shock and dismay that Hagerty experienced when she realized her unassuming review had "gone viral."


The Washington Post reports that, after handling the effete disdain then subsequent ironic praise of the national media with poise, dignity, and some inspirational David Lynch quotes, she's garnering more and more publicity, including a segment with Anderson "The Silver Fox" Cooper. The book deal, says the Grand Forks Herald, would be a collaboration between Hagerty and Bourdain, who, if they play off of each other just right, could become this generation's Siskel and Ebert...of food critics. Though this project is still in its pupal stage, it's never too early to start suggesting titles. My vote is for something including the phrase "endless breadsticks" because that would be way meta.


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