Marie From Haute Tension

The character Marie from French slasher flick Haute Tension is somewhat of a feminist icon as far as horror films go. She masturbates! She needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle! She saves the day! Or does she? Haute Tension gave us one of the biggest mind fuck endings in torture porn history. It's the story of BFFs Marie and Alex, who decide to spend their spring break vacation with Alex's family at their secluded home in the country side, miles away from civilization. Their first night there, an intruder breaks in. Marie hides and watches as Alex's family is gruesomely murdered one by one, in truly disgusting, awesome ways. The intruder abducts Alex, and Marie spends the night trying to get her back without dying. During her journey we discover that there are many sides to Marie — best friend/obsessive lover/victim/psycho killer/heroine/villain — and all of them are drenched in blood.

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