'Marie Claire' Unabashedly Pro-Bush (And We Don't Mean The President)

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The most fascinating thing in the new issue of Marie Claire is not the fact that novelist Joel Rose fails to admit that he cheated on his second wife, writer Catherine "Breakup" Texier. (All Joel will say is, "In the end, my needs won out, for better or worse.") Nor is it cover subject Rebecca Romijn's confession that she grew so sick of fiance Jerry O'Connell's obsession with his BlackBerry that she threw it in the sink and doused it in water. (Jerry wasn't mad; he even thought it was kind of "awesome"). It isn't even that editor Zoe Glassner thinks she has a shot with Jude Law. (We kid!) No, the issue's most impressive feat is that it features a two-page spread on getting off via the internet. And does so — almost — without embarrassment.


Inspired by the magazine's February collaboration with Hearst sibling Esquire — and the resulting revelation that 17% of American women use the internet for porn (The internet! Not just for boys!) — the editors and writers at Marie Claire decided to cook up an anonymously-written chart of "reputedly female-friendly sites". Its purposely-misleading cover-line aside, what we find refreshing about the feature is that there's no guilt involved: No apologies made for "the beauty and power of the female orgasm"; nothing judgmental about fetishes, even those involving, ahem, the use of electrodes; and most shockingly, the writer's tacit admission that many women respond sexually to a more natural-looking aesthetic. Hence this fascinating entry in the writer's "key" to suggested websites:

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The fact that Marie Claire found it necessary to point this out acknowledges that there's something very sexy about a woman with bush. We just wish the article's writer had the balls to sign her name to it.

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Stick It In Your Eye

Well, at least there's something very sexy to a woman about a woman with bush. Maybe her balls got lost in her bush...