'Marie Claire': Serial Shoplifter Of 'Jane' Magazine Ideas?

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Marie Claire stealing ideas from another magazine? Never! On Friday, Radar called out the struggling Hearst women's title for the curious similarities between a fashion feature in Marie Claire's September issue and one in Jane magazine's (final) August issue. Marie Claire editor in chief Joanna Coles denied everything — she's known for her original ideas, remember! — telling Radar's Sarah Horne that she stole the idea for the feature (in which magazine staffers swap clothes for a week) from a ladymag in her native England:

I'm a total magpie. I stole the idea from a spring issue of 'British Vogue'. It would never dawn on me to look at 'Jane' magazine for ideas.

Never? Really? That's not what we heard!


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Yeah, and how bout those cute little "fashion playlists" MC's initiated to go beside their nifty little themed fashion spreads?

No matter to me, the Jane ship has sadly sunk, if someone wants to pick up where they left off plus include these worldwide exposes's MC's always been famous for (they had an excellent profile with that woman involved in the Abu Graibe scandal...) I certainly will read 'em.