More Sex? Really? Oh, I know. But I also know you all are suckers for a hack photoshop job, which I'll share with you after the jump, and while I'm at it I'm just going to share what I learned from reading the accompanying piece, which I did. So: we learn Sarah Jessica Parker never liked the "Berger storyline," even as she realized it was "necessary" — like the Iraq war? — and that the idea behind the Berger romance is "what happens when it's the right guy at the wrong time," which should not be confused with the Big storyline, which was "The wrong guy at a succession of wrong times who mysteriously, through some combination of resignation and/or impotence, transforms himself into the right guy, because that is a message we should really be sending to modern women; this love stuff, it is a WAR OF ATTRITION YOU KNOW." Oh, and remember the scene where Charlotte meets Harry and he sweats on her paper?

According to Kristin Davis, the director's instructions were to "think that's so sexy."

And I said, "No, listen, man, I've been playing Charlotte for awhile, and she would not think that's sexy. You have to trust me."

Oh good grief. Anyway, that's about all I gleaned from this story, except that the liquefy filter hasn't gone out of style and yes I'm talking to whoever touched up Miranda:


Here's the whole spread:


Also, Marie Claire shot four separate covers for this issue: bet you can't guess which one I found at my local newsstand! But as a consolation prize for those who can't be bothered to collect them all they give you four cover-like pages anyway, which brings me to:


I'm sorry, what the fuck does that even mean? Oh, whatever.