We thought people who've been laid off or lost their homes were hit hardest by the recession, but in this month's Marie Claire we learn that when white-collar criminals ruined the economy, many wives tragically lost their country club memberships.

The article "When White-Collar Hubbies Go To Jail," is so out of touch and wildly unsympathetic it seems like it should be in Vogue. It focuses on how three filthy rich women coped when their husbands were convicted of financial crimes (which include money laundering on behalf of the Bush campaign and cheating investors out of $12 million). One fled to her winter retreat, a $5 million oceanfront mansion and is photographed lounging next to her gigantic pool, complete with a grotto and waterfall. Another says she's humiliated that her friends are paying for her groceries and her children's college tuition, but rather than getting a job herself she's "earning a few extra bucks selling colorful luggage tags she makes herself." (A useless item like that would look great in the mag's accessories spread, right next to the Hermès playing cards and $995 neon-yellow stiletto sneakers!) Below, we investigate the cover lies in this month's Marie Claire.