Well look who's still going and going and going and going!!! (On the UK edition too. Moe checked!) Anyhow this month Marie Claire did something truly innovative and wrote out the word "and" in lieu of the customary ampersand. Just kidding, silly! The actually innovative thing the magazine's editors did was print issues of the magazine with four different covers. Funnily enough, the only one we saw had Sarah Jessica Parker! I wonder how they figured out how many copies of the each issue to print. Don't you wish you could be the proverbial fly on the whiteboard at that meeting? ("Let's see, 80,000 Sarah Jessicas will cover the nation's airports and convenience stores, 10,000 Kim Catralls strategically distributed to all zip codes known to contain sex shops and or gyms with an 80% or higher male clientele, 20,000 Kristen Davises for the Wal-Mart account and...think 79 Cynthia Nixons would be enough to cover the trekkie collector community?") Seriously though, no we don't really want to be at that meeting. Because then we would have to think of cover lines like "The Gossip! The Glamour! The Truth!" And the truth is they don't pay us the big bucks for a reason here! The truth about "How losing weight lost me friends" and so much more, after the jump.