The Capri Film Festival is seriously the gift that keeps on giving: Mariah Carey at her bombshell best, and more cleavage and "casual chic" than you can shake a gold-plated stick at? Sì sì!

Mimi, in classic bombshell mode. She wears it well!

Aww, it's like an awkward prom picture! And Nick looks so cute and eager!


Even better, the casual-wear portion of proceedings. This, in Italy, appears to mean skin-tight, so Mariah's got the right idea.

The prayer shawl/flapper dress, as modeled by Shannon Kane, is optional.


If, like Nicola Paolinelli (with Randi Ingerman), you can work in in both leather and fur, so much the better.

I am rapidly developing an enormous girl-crush on Imogen Poots, with her effortless chic and scuffed boots.


Gisella Marengo gives us a study in awkward proportions - and the sheer moxie to pull it off.


For sheer, regal insouciance of the old school, Eugenia Chernyshova definitely takes Grand Supreme Queen.

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